fired up pizza


mobile pizzeria based in cambridge. We tend not to work too much in the colder months (we like to reserve our energy for the summer madness!) - and festival season 2019 is going to be our busiest ever!

we believe that the reason that pizza is the nation’s favourite, is that it literally caters for all – old, young ,vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters (pretty much that’s everyone on the planet!) diversity of toppings makes pizza wonderful - the pineapple/ no pineapple debate which divides all, the Americans put macaroni on theirs, the Italians like to keep it simple with the Margherita with fresh basi; every nation eats it differently, and that’s what makes it amazing–what other dish on the planet can still go under one name in all these different variations???

We researched all of our pizzas by travelling to Naples, which is home to our favourites. we based our dough flavourings and toppings around the Italian style – and following MAJOR research / eating, and one stone heavier than before, we bought our findings back to Cambridge where people have been enjoying our pizza for 8 years.