Pizza & Prosecco: the classic combos you MUST try!

Bubbles are an Italian expertise. The jacuzzi: a great bubble-based invention from Italy. An even greater one though, in our opinion, is prosecco – and it turns out plenty of people feel the same, with well over 100 million bottles being enjoyed in the UK alone in 2017!

There are different styles of prosecco, different qualities and (importantly) different producers too. There are the cheaper options that we all love to overindulge in just because we can – and we also like to splash out from time to time by experiencing some of the finer tasting labels.


So what about two of Italy’s finest exports, Pizza and Prosecco – how well do they pair together? Is it a gastronomic match made in heaven as their shared origin, fine tastes, and even same first letter suggest? We thought we’d find out…

Here are 3 proseccos you simply have to try with a slice or several of the perfect pizza:

  1. Bisol Desiderio & Figli S.R.L. – Crede Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Spumante Brut

  2. Loredan Gasparini – Asolo Prosecco Superiore Docg Brut

  3. Giusti – Rosalia DOC Treviso

And here’s how our tasty trio of bubblies match up with our favourite pizza toppings:


Tuna & Sweetcorn:

1. “Delicate fruity flavours initially with doughy notes followed by the tuna.”
2. “Initial delicate flavours of the superb DOCG from Loredan Gasparini then a touch of savoury flavours from the pizza.”
3. “Somewhat clashed for me. Mostly fish flavours expressed.”

Chicken, Spinach and Red Pepper:

1. “Good variety of flavours, nothing outshines itself in the palate, an easy to enjoy combination.”
2. “Initial great flavours of over ripe pears from the DOCG Prosecco. Mostly citrus/savoury in the lengthy. OK balance, nothing to shout out about though.”
3. “Pleasant balance of flavours. Fruity / citrus quickly lost and just savoury flavours of the pizza left.”

Mozarella, Feta and Spinach:

1. “Combined together I only get cheese flavours and pastry in the length.”
2. “Citrus flavours and the feta expresses itself mostly.”
3. “Relaxing balance. Good citrus fruits and savoury flavours in the palate.”

Cheese and Tomato:

1. “Nice balance. Crisp and refreshing in the palate. All flavours expressed the quickly fades.”
2. “Nice balance initially then slightly green fruits come alive in the palate in the length.”
3. “Fruity experience initially then savoury pizza base flavours in the length.”

Vegetable (Broccoli, Green Olive, Black Olive, Red/Green/Yellow Pepper, Mushroom and Tomato):

1. “Fruity and subtle veg flavours.”
2. “Better balance of the three. Slightly drier flavours from the Prosecco and pizza base. Tomato flavours in the length.”
3. “Lively in the palate with pizza base and olives in the length.”

Ham and Pineapple:

1. “Initially you get a burst of flavours from the Prosecco and then on to savoury flavours from the pizza. A quick fade of flavours in the palate.”
2. “A somewhat clash here in the balance. Neither the wine nor the pizzas flavours expressed in a pleasant way.”
3. “Light citrus flavours from the wine initially then a dry ham flavour is expressed as if it had been fried in a citrus sauce. Quite an interesting combination.”

Meat Feast (Bacon, Mince Beef, Mushroom, Green Olive, Ham and Red Chilli):

1. “Together leaves a touch of the nice beef flavours with spicy flavours in the length.”
2. “The delicate fruity flavours of the DOCG Asolo Prosecco still lives within this combination with the heat of the red chilli in the background and bacon flavours in the length.”
3. “Lively in the palate with. Seemed to reduce the spicy red chilli flavours and leave hints of citrus fruits and savoury meat flavours.”

Pepperoni, Bacon and Black Olive: WINNER!

1. “Citrus fruit burst initially then followed by non greasy pepperoni flavours that has a good length in the palate – Very more’ish.”
2. “Allows the cooked flavours of the pepperoni and burnt crust to come alive mostly.”
3. “Cuts through the salty flavours of the pepperoni, with hints of fruit and pizza base in the length.”

So there you have it! Pizza and prosecco, an Italian match made in heaven in the vast majority of cases. We probably could’ve guessed that one, but this gave us an excuse to indulge ourselves in bubbles and dough – so everyone’s a winner!

We know what’s on our plate and in our glasses tonight! Enjoy your meal, and raise one to a fun-filled Friday :)

Have a wonderful weekend all,
The CC Team

(Pizza and prosecco tasting notes credit to and courtesy of

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