Our Five Favourite CC Festival Moments So Far 😍

With just a few days to go until the grand reveal of our 2019 line-up, we couldn’t resist having a longing look back at the last two summer’s worth of CC Festival Father’s Day fun in the sun!

It’s been an amazing couple of years, and we can’t wait to celebrate our 2nd birthday with you all in June 2019. In the meantime, here are our most memorable moments from Haggis Farm so far...

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Gabrielle performing ‘Dreams’ (2018)

What an amazing performance this was from superstar songstress Gabrielle at CC Festival 2018! The sun was setting, we were cooling down after the Craig Charles funk-a-thon, and the drinks were flowing freely.

This song was our highlight: an arms-around-your-neighbour singalong, an anthem from the 90s revitalised 25 years later on. Spine-tingling stuff, and a perfect Sunday soundtrack - we’ll remember this one for a while!

THAT sweltering summer Sunday... (2017)

Who was present for the heatwave of CC Festival 2017? Sun-baked Haggis Farm felt like a European holiday destination rather than a Cambridgeshire field! Water was needed just as much as gin, and the factor 50 was out in force.

We really couldn’t have hoped for better weather for our first ever event – it was the perfect start to life on The Farm. Let’s hope 2019 is as sun-kissed a summer Sunday as this one - get those fingers and toes crossed for June 16th...


Trevor Nelson toasting the over 30s (2018)

The best thing about CC Festival is that both old and young get together for a good old boogie –from the tiniest toddlers to the most graceful of grandparents. We love seeing family and friends of all ages having fun together!

But a special shout out must go to the parents and older generations who make it happen by getting everyone together – and Trevor Nelson gave our over 30s the respect they deserve during his 2018 set! Touche, sir.

you can watch it here!

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Singalongs and conga lines (2017)

Towards the end of our 2017 festival, things all got a little crazy – perhaps it was the heat, the pints of cider, or just getting carried away with the pure fun of it all. But it was certainly a Sunday night to remember…


We had a soundtrack of classics and anthems through the ages from The Intergalactic Rhythm Society, honouring everyone from the late George Michael to Donna Summer, and it was the perfect time for a crowd-wide conga to kick off!

Whilst that was going on, we had various festival-goers trying their hand at the vocals too – as the microphone was passed into the audience, and a large-scale karaoke was underway in the front rows. ahhh, what a night…

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Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club (2017 + 2018!)

It’s no secret that Craig Charles is a firm favourite of ours here at CC Festival – his DJ sets always deliver a beautiful blend of funk, soul and rock’n’roll that never fails to get us up dancing! We’ve welcomed him in 2017 and 2018, and it’s been one of the highlights of the day on both occasions.

Not only does his music start the party, but his infectious energy is something to behold in itself – feather boa or hat-clad, he works his magic on the decks and struts his stuff on the stage, whilst getting the crowd involved too. Again in 2019 anyone?!


There we have it then – our favourite moments from the last two years’ of CC Festival! What are yours? Any more to add to the list? Let us know by getting in touch via our Facebook page!


Tune in to find out who’ll be gracing the CC Festival stage in 2019. first release tickets still available for just £20 here.


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