Aldi has just launched a 'hangover-free' Prosecco 🥂


We know! We can’t quite believe it either. Fizz that doesn’t leave you with a fuzzy head may sound too good to be true, but you can now pick up a bottle of supposedly ‘hangover-free’ Prosecco at Aldi.

The budget supermarket has launched extra-dry Organic Prosecco for £8 - rivalling Lidl’s £7.99 version - and it’s rumoured to have some rather desirable effects (or lack of…)

Aldi claims its organic version contains lower levels of sulphite preservatives, which are normally used to keep wine fresher for longer - and are apparently also the reason behind your thumping morning headaches when you’ve had a few too many glasses.

hangover meme.png

We’re not sure the experts are convinced, though, with some claiming that it is in fact the alcohol which gives you the hangover, not the preservatives. Hmmm, interesting theory…

The tweet from Aldi advertising their elixir’s magical properties has also since been deleted, with a spoke person claiming it was made in error and reiterating that responsible drinking may be the only way to avoid a sore head.

Either way, hangover or not, Aldi's £8 price tag means you save £6.99 when compared to Ocado's organic bottle - which is a good enough reason to purchase for us!

In general, prosecco is still cheaper on average than English sparkling wine, which can be more expensive than some Champagnes. So let’s all raise a glass to that…

Johnny Stanley