One for the lovers! Asda is selling a pink Valentine’s Day Gin ❤️

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of weeks away, we’re looking for the best treats for you to bestow upon your loved one - and you’ve got a pretty tasty choice this year.

Not only can you now get Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Day doughnuts, you can also pick up a fancy Marks and Spencer Valentine’s Day meal deal AND treat your beloved to a Lush Valentine’s Day bath bomb

But if you fancy a night in, ditch the bubbly and get yourself a bottle of your very own pink sparkly gin liqueur courtesy of Asda.


The supermarket favourite is selling the dazzling new drink as the perfect addition to any romantic night in. the Extra Special Gin Liqueur is made using raspberry and rose, a cracking combo of pinkish perfection if you ask us.

as it’s a liqueur, it has a lower alcohol volume than a typical gin, coming in at 20% as opposed to 37.5%. So no need to worry about having the dreaded hangover heading into work the next day (although we encourage responsible consumption as always, of course…)

And the best part happens when you shake it, as the liquid actually turns glittery and sparkles!


Ed Sowerby, spirits product manager at Asda, said: ’We know gin is as popular as ever with our customers, so we’ve been looking at innovative ways to create new products, at great value prices.

‘This Valentine’s Day, we think we’ve cracked it with this delicious, pink, shimmering gin with added glitter.’

The Extra Special Gin Liqueur is available on Asda’s website as well as in stores. It usually retails at £12, but is currently on offer for a bargain £10.

These will undoubtedly be flying off the shelves, so we recommend getting down to your nearest Asda pronto (whether you have a valentines date or not, it’s still a tasty treat for singletons too!).

(Thanks to Marie Claire for bringing our attention to this beautiful bargain.)

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