Pizza Perfection: we're fired up for Fired Up Pizza


Who likes pizza?! This year, Cambridgeshire’s finest Fired Up Pizza will be serving up the slices at the festival, returning for another year to fuel our dancing with Italy’s greatest culinary export.

We chatted with founder rory to find out more about their business, favourite places to get pizza, and what delicious dough-based delights we can expect on June 16th...

How did fired up pizza start as a business?

Fired Up was originally created through our love of great pizza and not being able to get it in Cambridge! After a visit to Naples in 2012, we bought our first oven and the rest is history.

who’s in the team and what do you all do?

We now have a great team made up of family and friends who love pizzas as much as we do, so with it comes a colossal amount of energy and a lot of laughs! 2019 has seen a seen a move towards a more female orientated team, as opposed to just boys running the show, and we’re all raring to go as the summer season gets closer.

We tend to swap people around so everyone can work in every section depending on the day or event, while my wife Nancy and Jasmine run the business from the office taking care of all the bookings, rota’s etc. 


What is the mission behind Fired Up - and what brings the team together? 

Our mission is simple, we serve amazing pizza and aim to make people smile as we do it. We love our pizzas but it goes deeper than that as a huge percentage of the team have been our friends for over 20 years, so there is a real camaraderie within Fired-Up. There’s lots of piss taking and a huge amount of fun as well as some serious hard work. We are lucky though – as everybody within our team always arrives fully committed and we make a fantastic A Team.

What are your own personal passions and how do these feed into Fired Up? 

Pizza and food has always been our first love. Our philosophy is simple - we aim to use the best ingredients and keep things simple. We are incredibly passionate, with an under pin motto that you should always be proud of what you do and be consistently kind to people. 


What do you love most about Cambridge(shire), as your hometown/HQ? 

Cambridge is a beautiful place and I love the diversity it offers. The city has a great mix of people giving it an international, feel but at the same time retains its small town charm where you are always bumping into people you know. 

where are your Favourite places to get pizza in Cambridgeshire?

Having tasted every pizza Cambridge has on offer, without a doubt it has to be ours, seriously. Not because we are boasting - well, maybe a little bit - but the truth is pizza is still not that well represented in Cambridge! However, we have heard a whisper that Pizza Pilgrims are coming to Cambridge and these guys definitely make great Pizza too! 

What are the best events you’ve worked at (apart from ours, of course)? 

Most of the events we work at are pretty fun as they normally include lots of drinking, whilst vast quantities of pizza are consumed. The Cambridge Beer festival is always a PARTICUALRLY FUN event for obvious reasons, and we feel at home there as we always see a lot of people we know! A high point for us is when we are non-stop feeding people, including the famous and not so famous - but our biggest claim to fame is serving pizza to the Dalai Llama. 


Any particularly interesting anecdotes from over the years of running Fired Up?  

There is always interesting story or event happening at Fired Up or at the party we are catering for, but none we would like to put on paper I’M AFRAID - THEY’LL HAVE TO STAY OUR SECRET!

What do you like most about The Cambridge Club Festival - AND why have you joined us again this year?  

 It’s just such a massive event for us and for Cambridge. This will now be our 4th year attending the festival and we absolutely love it. After the madness of StrawberrIES & CREEM the day and night before, The Cambridge Club Festival brings a welcome and much needed sense of calm. It's a great crowd, lots of families and people just enjoying the music, food and drinkS on offer.    

what makes the Great British Summer so special FOR YOU in 3 words?

Friends, Family, Pizza 

You can find fired up pizza at this year’s festival, the perfect pizza accompaniment to a day of marvellous music and delicious drinks!

we’re now onto 3rd release tickets, so if you’re joining us on june 16th you better move quick…


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