You know you’re from Cambridge when you’re always in these pubs..

1. The Anchor

Situated slap bang in the middle of the city centre with it’s very own riverside terrace overlooking the Scudamores punts, the Anchor is an absolute gem of a pub for a Summer’s day (If you can get a seat!) Hugely popular with locals and tourists alike, this one is at the heart of Cambridge, BOTH PHYSICALLY AND METAPHORICALLY - and it wins our hearts too. SOME OF OUR FONDEST LOCAL SUMMER MEMORIES WERE MADE RIGHT HERE.


2. The Alma

NOT AN OBVIOUS CHOICE BUT ONE OF OUR FAVOURITES. The Alma, just outside the city centre, is a PROPER traditional pub with hardwood floors, old-time beer barrels at the bar and fantastic memorabilia adorning the walls. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the Cambridge University Botanical GardenS - which are always worth a visit, either pre- or post-pintS (THE LATTER CAN BE INTERESTING…)


3. The Eagle

Originally opened in 1667 as the "Eagle and Child", The Eagle is one of the larger pubs in Cambridge. The site is owned by Corpus Christi College and is managed by Greene King brewery, one of East Anglia’s largest breweries - but it still feels independent and unique. The pub was particularly favoured by American pilots during the war, and as such is full of war time memorabilia for customers to peruse. It’s place in cambridge legend and folklore is cemented by also being where francis crick announced that he and james watson had discovered “the secret of life” - i.e. dna. there’s a plaque commemorating this inside.


4. The Cambridge Blue

IF IT’S NAME WEREN’T TRADITIONALLY CAMBRIDGE ENOUGH FOR YOU, IT’S ATMOSPHERE AND AMBIENCE CERTAINLY ARE. A cosy pub with a beautiful inner city garden, providing snacks and simple British dishes plus a HUGE menu of international beers. The drinks selection here is wide and wonderful - catering to a love for Lagers, IPAs, Wines and Gins. definitely one for the BEER enthusiast (GUILTY…)


And last but definitely not least…

5. The Regal!

Arguably the most controversial on the list, and certainly the least boutique, The Regal remains a rite of passage for many Cantabrigians. Popular with students, locals, hen dos, birthday parties, even weddings (really!), you name it - The Regal is a social staple of the city. Whether you’re eating a Sunday roast or boogieing to the DJ on a Saturday night, drinking craft beer or doing tequila shots - with its regal theatre feel, you can be sure to have a fab time in this most weird and wonderful place (And the low prices make it even better!)



All that’s got us in the mood for a pint! Who’s round is it? It is Thirsty Thursday, after all…

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