8 Ways To Turn Cheap Wine Into Cracking Cocktails 🍸


It’s certainly Winter alright. It’s freezing cold outside, the snow and ice have paid us a visit already, and the last thing you want to be doing is slipping into your glad rags and party shoes and hitting the bars.

But that doesn’t mean we should forgo drinking wine. In fact, now is perhaps as good a time as any to consume more - how else are you going to pass the evening hours and keep warm at home?!

But there’s one pressing problem: the cost. Despite saving money on expensive drinks out, staying in can be a strain on the wallet too - especially if you have expensive taste. Because who really likes cheap wine?


Never fear - you can have the best of both worlds, delicious drinks and pennies for the piggy bank. There are a few simple tricks of the trade that can turn that rancid red wine (£5 off the shelf at Sainsbury’s) into something decidedly drinkable.

And the answer lies in - wine cocktails! Here are a few simple wine-infused cocktails that are easy to make at home, so you can do a little happy wine dance and brush up on your bartender skills at the same time:

Blood Orange Spritzer

This refreshing cocktail is usually drunk in the hotter summer months. But hey, it has alcohol in it, so does it really matter? There’s something about this sweet and sour cocktail that gets you going. Spritz up your life with this red fizzy wine mixed drink, and you won’t even realise it’s cold anymore.


Mulled Wine

There’s no alcoholic drink that’s more ‘winter’ than a hot glass of mulled wine with cloves and a dash of citrus. And if you’ve got roasted chestnuts on hand to go with it, even better. Of course you can head out to the bars and pubs to pick up ready-made mulled wine, but it’s really not as fun, satisfying or financially sustainable (trust us, we’ve tried). This is one drink that will make you go all warm and fuzzy inside, whatever the weather.


 Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

Yes, you read correctly, you can also make your favourite mulled wine winter drink in a slow cooker. Boil it on low all day and you’ll see how easy it is to mask that acidic taste of cheap red wine. If you’ve got a slow cooker, this is worth trying at least once. It brings out all the goodness of the spices, and it’s also a ‘fun’ drink you can show off to your friends. And let’s not forget that mouth-watering aroma that will take over your home.


Pomegranate Sangria

There’s nothing more delicious than sangria. And this is one sangria recipe with a twist. Forget that cheap tasting wine – you’ll never know what hit you with this lush cocktail infused with orange peel, fresh rosemary and pomegranate seeds.


’Champagne’ Margarita 

When it comes to cheap wine, the worst would have to be cheap sparkling wine - that tart and fizzy pop found posing as champagne or prosecco. But if you’ve got a little bit of an imagination and the right ingredients, you can transform it into a delicious sparkling margarita, which is the perfect drink for a fancier night in.


Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Forget those marshmallows, the only thing that you should be adding to your hot chocolate this January is a generous amount of cheap red wine – who cares if the bottle only cost you a couple of quid, you’ll never know the difference with this ultimate Winter alcoholic beverage. The cherry on the top is the addition of chocolate – a beautiful way of bringing two of your favourite things together!


Rosé & Gin Dream

If you’re after a wine-infused cocktail with a wicked kick, try this gorgeous rosé and gin cocktail with a smidgen of grapefruit to get you going. Crank up the heating and imagine it’s summertime…



Have you got a crap bottle of red wine that makes you gag just sniffing it? This weird concoction of cheap red wine and Coca-Cola makes a surprisingly delicious cocktail called Kalimotxo. This is a real gem, and it will soon get you dancing in your PJs Bridget Jones’ style.


We hope that’s got you in the mood for another Winter weekend - and also looking forward to a sumptuous Summer Sunday in Cambridge this June, where the drinks and Disco will flow freely…

Stay tuned for our 2019 menu of delicious drinks coming soon - we’re busy crafting a tasty and diverse selection for you to enjoy at the festival, which will have something for every tastebud!



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